The Pilgrim's Progress


“Check out Pilgrim’s Progress in theaters! This edition of John Bunyan’s epic, bestselling story is like watching an animated version of the Lord of the Rings, but with a Christian storyline that challenges believers to stay true to Christ through all the trials and temptations this world has to offer. It’s filled with Biblical allegories that should spark great conversations about living out your faith. Parents should watch the trailer first to decide which of their kids could handle some of the intense characters.”

Stephen Kendrick, Producer, WAR ROOM & OVERCOMER

“Finally! A full length animated film of THE PILGRIMS’s PROGRESS (IN THEATERS)! This is the EPIC classic Christian story of a believer’s journey of faith. A must see for your kids this Easter break. Two days only (April 18 & 20). See the trailer below and get tix for your whole family- I am!”

Kirk Cameron, Actor

“Pilgrims’ Progress is one of the most entertaining, energizing and influential books of all time. For centuries it was only behind the Bible in popularity. I have long believed we need to “punch holes in the darkness” by blowing the dust off this classic. In this day of cultural and biblical illiteracy, bringing this book to life through animation will make an impact on all ages. I can’t wait.”

Jay Strack, Founder, Student Leadership University

“I am over the moon that Pilgrim’s Progress is coming out as a feature length CGI animated film. Please financially support this wonderful project. The quality is breathtaking. It is so timely and so needed.”

Ray Comfort, President, Way of the Master Ministries

“You will immediately be drawn in to the story and the many Christian references it has to our spiritual lives today. It is an excellent movie to see, but I look forward to sitting with my children and grandchildren while watching this classic as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.”

Joe Pettigrew, National Men’s Ministry Leader, In The Zone Ministries

“There’s a reason why Pilgrim’s Progress is one of the best selling books of all time. I'm thrilled that this powerful allegory is being presented in a fresh way that will capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of a whole new generation.”

Bob Lepine, Co-Host FamilyLife Today

“I love this book and can’t wait for this animated version to be released. I believe it will be a blessing to you, your children and grandchildren.”

Dr. James Dobson - Founder & President Family Talk

“The Pilgrims Progress is a story that has stood the test of time and impacted many people around the world! A timeless story man and his journey with God - it is coming to the big screen in a big way! Highly recommend it!”

Tommy Bowden, College Football Analyst

“We at AFA applaud this animated telling of John Bunyan’s timeless classic, The Pilgrim’s Progress.”

Tim Wildmon - President, American Family Association

“Enjoyable, Creative, Entertaining and Inspiring. Pilgrim’s Progress reminds us who we are in Christ as Christian declares, "The King has broken my chains and I am free. I will follow Him!”

Brian Doyle, Executive Director, Iron Sharpens Iron

“The timeless tale of “Pilgrims Progress” comes alive like never before in this epic movie. Treat the whole family to the inspiring story told through modern animation. An inspiring tale for the ages.”

Clair Hoover, Executive Director, NCMM

“The Journey...that is what every Christ follower is on and what a journey it is! John Bunyan does a masterful job telling the story of the seasons of "Christian" in this time honored piece of literature. A tale of suffering. A tale of decision. A tale of torment. A tale of grace. A tale of victory. All of those tales help to sanctify us all "Christians" towards Glory...the ultimate progression we pilgrimage toward on this faith journey. As a Campus Minister who walks alongside college students on their faith journey, this is a movie I will greatly encourage them to see!”

Jonathan Clarke, Director Murry State University Baptist Collegiate Ministry

“Who would have dreamed the The Pilgrim’s Progress could be more vividly portrayed than it is in reading the written page. Perhaps this rendition has done just that. Through captivating graphics, Hollywood level voice-overs, and beautiful orchestrations we may just be experiencing The Pilgrim’s Progress for the next generation.”

Rick Howerton, Kentucky Baptist Convention

“In an increasingly complicated world that lacks direction and moral clarity ... so many are looking for answers on which road to take. The Pilgrim’s Progress movie provides timeless direction and tells an important story that can shape and lead a generation.”

Scott Anderson, Pastor and Founder, The Projecting Home Film Festival